Dylan Thomas Centenary Celebration in Italy

  • "Dylan, light your fire" - mix-media from an original photo of Nora Summers (courtesy of Jeff Town)
  • "Dylan Thomas in Blue", digital artwork from a photo taken in Battersea in 1936 (courtesy of Jeff Town)

''The Blues Cryin' " for Beverly Matherne's poem


...You know it, takes me off the freeway,
     the blues does,
shoots me high, past the stars,
     to the planets,

circlin' ever so slow, oh yeah!
     You know,
I'm that Egyptian goddess, my naked body
     stretched across the sky...




''A Starry Night'', quadro presentato al Circolo dei Lettori di Torino per il reading poetico ''Una notte di stelle'' in ricordo della scrittrice Aeronwy Thomas - 2 ottobre 2009

''The Lizard Catchers'' for Peter Thabit Jones' poem - 2009

The Lizard Catchers - Cross-Cultural Communications, 2006


Tattooed on the rocks in the midday sun,
They were hieroglyphs we understood.

Behind the boy-tall grass, we slyly sat
As patient as pyramid statue-cats...



Il Manifesto di IMMAGINE&POESIA (con Gianpiero Actis)  pubblicato su

OFFERTA SPECIALE, semestrale di 
Poesia e arte multimediale, Carla Bertola editore, Torino, 2009

''Omaggio a Nonna Speranza'' - installation - Biennale di Venezia - Special Edition for the 150th Anniversary of Italian Unification- Torino (dicembre 2011 - febbraio 2012)

''Poetry&Art Tree" - installation in Long Island, New York, summer 2012

''Jackson Pollock and Guido Gozzano: a meeting'', Villa Il Meleto - Agliè - 30 settembre 2012

(European Heritage Days - 2012


''Jackson Pollock visiting Villa Il Meleto'', Villa Il Meleto, Agliè,

30 settembre 2012

(European Heritage Days - 2012)

"Les Papillons-Bijoux 2013" - Homage to Italian poet Guido Gozzano

"La journée des peintres" Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, Cap Ferrat, le 16 juin 2013

"Fountain in Cwmdonkin Park" - Homage to Dylan Thomas' poem "The Hunchback in the Park" - Swansea, 2013

"Elegia per Dylan Thomas" Poesia Visuale in esposizione permanente al Museo della Carale - Accattino, Ivrea (Torino)

Visual poem in Permanenet Exhibition at Museo della Carale - Accattino, Ivrea (To)

"Blue" Poesia Visuale per il progetto L'Arte incontra la Poesia - Omaggio a Lawrence Ferlinghetti e Agneta Falk, Arte Città Amica, Torino, settembre-ottobre 2013


Visual Poem for the Project Art meets Poetry at Arte Città Amica Gallery 2013

"Lo studio di Guido Gozzano" opera realizzata in occasione delle Giornate Europee del Patrimonio, Agliè 2013  


Artwork created for the Open Air painting and exhibition - European Heritage Days - 2013

"La più bella" (L'isola non trovata) - Opera realizzata per la mostra collettiva di pittura ad Agliè (To) Chiesa di Santa Marta - 21 settembre / 6 ottobre 2013.


Artwork as a Homage to Guido Gozzano's poem "La più bella" 


VENTE aux enchères au profit des Philippines -

organizée par Daniel Boeri - Galérie de L’Entrepôt - Monaco

Lundi le 3 Février - 2014 à 19 h

 Théâtre des Variétés 

 1 boulevard Albert Ier - Monaco


Sous le Haut Patronage de S.A.S. Le Prince Albert II de Monaco



"The Object" - Homage to Aeronwy Thomas' poem.


It has been there some time

When I entered the room

It was already there

It seems to be of two colours

 But  then  in certain lights

It has to be three or four

Or even more

But then it appears

Almost colourless

                                                       I wouldn’t swear to it

                                                        Being coloured at all ...

"Waiting for Monet" - painting created on April 25 2014 at Villa Pompeo Mariani, Bordighera for the Open Air Painting Day 



Background Music Setting by NORBERT OLDANI, USA


"Took the seashore road" painting created for the Exhibition at Centro Incontri Regione Piemonte, Torino

"Tribute to Lawrence Ferlinghetti 2014" - November 7/14 2014

"Only...for Your Eyes" installation and poems on show at Promotrice delle Belle Arti, Torino, Dec. 2014 - January 2015

"Chagall's Magic Lantern" painting created for the Exhibtion at Centro Incontri Regione Piemonte, Torino

"Tribute to Lawrence Ferlinghetti 2015 - October 2015

"Dover: oltre l'orizzonte" painting created for the Exhibition at Villa Amoretti, Torino

"Tribute to Lawrence Ferlinghetti" 2016

(Poem: The Sea is calm tonight)

"Tramonto sul Gange" - digital collage shown at the exhibition in Agliè (Torino) - September 2017

"Guido Gozzano, un poeta in viaggio"

"Balene dagli occhi blu" painting created for the exhibition at Palazzo dal Pozzo della Cisterna, Torino  September2017

"Tribute to Lawrence Ferlinghetti" 2017

(Poem: From The Greenpeace Dreambook)