Tramonto in una tazza-Sunset in a cup - 2017

Lidia Chiarelli "Tramonto in una tazza - Sunset in a cup" Edizioni Esordienti 2017, Moncalieri To

 ISBN 978-88-6690-382-6

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on May 18, 2017
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There are two special times in the day: the time just before we fall asleep and

the time just before we wake up.

The words and images in this book feel to me as if these were found by Lidia Chiarelli in those moments.

The "portrait" of each writer in this book is rendered in that in-between world of being awake and being asleep when

impressions wash over us.

What makes this no ordinary book is Chiarelli's creativity in how she pairs a poem with a pictorial presentation

 so that the two do not repeat each other, but resonate with each other.

Salone del Libro - Torino - maggio 2017

Carmagnola (Torino) - Portici da leggere (June 4, 2017)



Immagine & Poesia - The Movement in Progress - 2013

Cover Page
Cover Page


Lidia Chiarelli ''Immagine & Poesia - The Movement in Progress", A Cross-Cultural Communications Edition, 2013 - ISBN 978-0-89304-994-2





Editorial Reviews


The poems in Lidia Chiarelli s impressive debut collection, Immagine & Poesia, remind us that each human being is a universe complete with suns and moons, eclipses, tidal pulls, and dry deserts and art is the telescope that allows us to see into other universes. As Emily Dickinson wrote, forever is composed of nows, and these intimate, carefully examined and faithfully rendered verses convey a portrait-like quality, presenting portraits of a moment. These are Impressionist paintings of poems acutely observed, vividly and delicately rendered celebrations of the moments of beauty that surround and permeate us. Physical sensations combine with emotion and reflection to imbue each work with multiple layers of meaning. The imagery is varyingly dramatic, precise, concrete, cosmopolitan or bucolic, expressing a sense of place and atmosphere. Each poem, each line is meticulously constructed and polished, and each is a work of art that imparts sensations to and summons responses from the reader. Beyond the descriptive, there is an evocation of wonder, loss, exhilaration, tenderness, fear all those things that make the human experience familiar to all of us. The more personal, the more universal. Sometimes, as in all our experiences, there are darker passages, as in Garden in May The tired petals on the stones of the path will form the drawing of this uncertain time that the wind will continue to break down in a ruthless game. It will be the time when even the swallows (in rapid elliptic flights in the pearl sky) come and play again unaware of their fate But there is also whimsy, as in Tiffany wonder, in Manhattan and Niagara, and surprising turnabouts, as when, in Winter Concert, after . . . Dazzling the lights of the shop-windows give way, and the city oddly empty wraps us up in a damp embrace. How different would that city and that moment be, if the embrace were cold or warm, or anything other than damp? But on the whole, these are joyous works, expressing optimism and love of life, as in The Rest of the Boats, Unplanned destinations stood out in front of us when strong and safe we left to challenge the wind. Through these pages, the poet s mind wanders freely as the wind, reaching unplanned destinations, touching all aspects of life, and that which can scarcely be contained by sails can only be truly captured in poetry and art. This collection is organized into six sections, offering reflections on Images and Poetry, childhood, the seasons, the rhythm of life, travel, and ending with a special poem dedicated to Lidia s friend and fellow poet, Aeronwy Thomas. Each poem is presented alongside a work of art, created or selected by the artist for it. Lidia Chiarelli has devoted much of her time to founding and furthering the artistic and literary movement, Immagine&Poesia, which brings together for collaboration, publication and exhibition the works of poets and artists from all over the world. Her sense that art and poetry motivate one another is deeply rooted and actively lived her husband, Gianpiero Actis is an accomplished painter. The success of this idea can be witnessed in the absolute harmony of the poems in the collection and the accompanying works of art by painter, Gianpiero Actis, photographer, Alessandro Actis, photographer Adel Gorgy, painter Carolyn Mary Kleefeld, painter Marsha Solomon, and painter Gopakumar. Each of these pairings is a conscious and deliberate collaborative effort; works inspired and informed by each other or chosen expressly for each other. The artworks are not to be understood as illustrations for the poems, nor are the poems captions for the pictures. They are compound artworks composed of, as the movement states, images and poetry. The poems in Images and Poetry stand securely on their own. --from the Preface by Mary Gorgy

About the Author

Lidia Chiarelli was born and raised in Turin, in northern Italy, where she studied and graduated in English Language and Literature at the University of Torino. For several years, she devoted herself to teaching English in secondary schools, and included creative expression courses in her teaching methods. She organized a unique mail art exhibition at Giuseppe Perotti School (Torino, 1990), which turned out to be an opportunity to become acquainted with many artists, especially with Sarah Jackson, a digital artist from Halifax, Canada. Her long distance collaboration with the Canadian artist, Jackson, and with British writer Aeronwy Thomas, (the daughter of Dylan Thomas), led her to found, with four other members, the artistic literary Movement Immagine & Poesia, which was officially presented at Alfa Teatro of Torino on Novembre 9, 2007. After visiting the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2010, Lidia was inspired to create installations similar to Yoko Ono s Wish Tree, but hanging not only wishes, but poems and original works of art on cards on the trees. Lidia Chiarelli s Poetry&Art Trees thus began to appear in different exhibitions in Piedmont and abroad. Lidia s passion for creative writing has motivated her to write poetry, and she became an award-winning poet in 2011 and 2012 : Premio Il Meleto di Guido Gozzano, Agliè 2011 (Segnalazione di Merito) and 2012 (Terzo Premio poesia inedita). In June 2011 she was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from The First International Poetry Festival of Swansea (U.K.) for her broadside poetry and art contribution. Her writing has been translated into English, French and Romanian (Dr. Olimpia Jacob) and published in Poetry Reviews and on web-sites in Italy, Great Britain, in the U.S.A. and in Romania.





Honorable Mention for the book "Immagine & Poesia - The Movement in Progress" by Lidia Chiarelli
Honorable Mention for the book "Immagine & Poesia - The Movement in Progress" by Lidia Chiarelli

TORINO: Percorsi di Luce - 2011

Volume realizzato per i 150 dell'Unità d'Italia sulla storia dell'illuminazione pubblica a Torino con particolare riguardo all'opera dell'ing. Guido Chiarelli, artefice di numerosi ed innovativi impianti di illuminazione per "Italia 61"


Anthologies - Reviews - Catalogs



Poems published in anthologies, reviews and art catalogs:

  • The Seventh Quarry (Swansea Poetry Magazine): Issue 11, 2009; 12, 2010; 13, 2011; 14, 2011; 15, 2012; 16, 2012; 17, 2013; 19, 2014; 20, 2014; 21-22 2015; 23, 2016
  • Voices Israel 2012 - Poetry from Israel and Abroad, Vol. 38, Cross-Cultural Communications, Summer 2012
  • Cyclamens and Swords Publishing (Fine Poetry, Prose and Art) Issue April 2013
  • Aquillrelle Magazine - Issue 9 - January - April 2013
  • EKPHRASIS: poems speaking to silent works of art, Merrill Memorial Library Arts, Yarmouth, ME, 2013
  • Shabdaguchha International Bilingual (Bengali/English) Poetry Journal - edited by Hassanal Abdullah, NY July - Dec. 2013 Vol. 16 No. 1/2
  • Acolada Revistă lunară de literatură şi artă, Romania, 2014 (
  • The Light Singing (Bilingual Anthology), Romania 2014
  • The Colour of Saying (Anthology), Cross-Cultural Communications , NY / The Seventh Quarry Press, Wales UK  2014




Cyclamens and Swords - Issue April 2013






Lidia Chiarelli is one of the Charter Members of Immagine & Poesia, the artistic literary Movement founded in Torino (Italy) in 2007. Her writing has been translated into English, French and Romanian and published in Poetry Reviews, and on Web-Sites in Great Britain, in the U.S.A., in Italy and in Romania.
She became an award-winning poet in 2011 and 2012 : Premio Il Meleto di Guido Gozzano, Agliè (Italy) in 2011 and 2012. In June 2011 she was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from The First International Poetry Festival of Swansea (U.K.) for her broadside poetry and art contribution.



“ Diamonds are forever”
Ian Fleming

The sliding door
opens wide, quiet and appealing
Welcome to Tiffany 
the Aladin’s cave
of the Twenty-first century.
The sultriness of this summer afternoon
is already behind me.

A soft pink carpet
is ready for my steps
- ever so stealthy -
while the humming of the air conditioning
becomes a sweet tune.

I cautiously hang about 
among the shining display cabinets

jewels with refined designs
peep out.

Going up ?
The lift boy
invites me kindly.

On the second floor
solitaire diamonds
- marquise cut -
tell distant tales
of mahrajahs and queens.

Going up ?
Gift department.
A very smart shop assistant
puts the presents
- which in Italy they expect from me - 
into a Tiffany-blue bag
and smiles.

I’m smiling too, now:
like a new Audrey Hepburn
today I have become part of
Tiffany’s legend.

Coney Island

...or a joker in a straw
putting a stickpin in his pippermint tie
and looking just like he had nowhere to go
but coneyisland…
Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Let’s go to Coney Island
today the gates are open for us
the hot August air
is laden with saltiness.
Let’s enter and forget
just for an hour
the problems and troubles of life.

A windmill 
of sounds and fluorescent colours
attracts us
intoxicating  magnet.

We go.
The Wonder Wheel
will take us high and higher
our eyes will caress the city
and will get lost into the blue of the ocean.

We see
the carousel horses
moving in a tireless dance.

We smell
the sweet aroma of cotton candy
slowly spreading in the air.

A magic realm is waiting 
to take us far
through time and space:

today let’s go to Coney Island
and just for an hour 
we will be children again.


Aquillrelle Magazine - Issue 9 January - April 2013



Lidia Chiarelli - Times Square


Times Square 

Switch on
switch on once more
lights at Times Square.

Switch on for me
in my last night in New York.

The hot air in the streets is a gentle cloak
that wraps me up.

Like windmills moving and moving
don’t stop your dance.

Let my eyes get lost
into your
so sweet
so intoxicating. 





Newspaper Article: La Stampa, September 20, 2013
Newspaper Article: La Stampa, September 20, 2013




Torino, anno accademico 1968/1969


Matricola 4464L. Sono iscritta al corso di laurea in Lingue e Letterature straniere dell’Università di

Torino e sto preparando il mio primo esame di Letteratura Anglo-Americana.

Dopo Palazzo Campana ora anche Palazzo Nuovo è in fiamme. Da poco inaugurato, è stato occupato: la contestazione giovanile dilaga. Le lezioni cominceranno regolarmente solo dopo diversi mesi.

I telegiornali riportano notizie sulla guerra del Vietnam, sugli scontri tra polizia e manifestanti in scuole e università  in Italia e all’estero, sullo sbarco degli astronauti americani sulla luna; ed annunciano il matrimonio di John Lennon e Yoko Ono a Gibilterra, il grandioso concerto gratuito dei Rolling Stones a Hyde Park di Londra e il festival rock di Woodstock, nello stato di New York, che raccoglie migliaia di giovani.

Il messaggio degli scrittori della Beat Generation mi affascina.

Con Allen Ginsberg attraverso le corsie di un Supermarket in California  e giro fra “luccicanti pile di lattine” e “frutta al neon”; seguo Jack Kerouac nei suoi spostamenti On the Road  da una costa all’altra degli Stati Uniti, ma è soprattutto Lawrence Ferlinghetti, con quel cognome italiano, ad attirare la mia attenzione.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti che parla ai giovani di anticonformismo, di libertà e di pace, Lawrence Ferlinghetti che nella poesia I am waiting dice di essere  “in perpetua attesa di una rinascita del miracolo”, Lawrence Ferlinghetti che sfida le autorità e viene arrestato per avere osato pubblicare parole proibite, che fa della sua libreria e casa editrice - la City Lights Bookstore -  il frequentato punto di incontro dei giovani intellettuali dissidenti.


San Francisco, North Beach, 29 luglio 2013


Lawrence Ferlinghetti ha accettato di incontrarmi al Caffe Trieste.

Aspetto poco fiduciosa, non sono sicura che, con i suoi 94 anni, si ricordi di venire.

Sono già le 10:45 e l’appuntamento - fissato con l’aiuto di Giada Diano, la sua biografa italiana - era per un quarto d’ora prima.

Alle pareti del locale sono appese molte fotografie in bianco e nero di personaggi celebri negli anni ’60 e ’70, per lo più poeti e musicisti.

Dal bancone servono boccali di birra e grandi bicchieri di caffè americano a quelli che sembrano abituali avventori.

Quando ad un tratto la sua figura inconfondibile si delinea attraverso la porta a vetri.

A stento trattengo l’emozione, gli vado incontro e scopro che i suoi occhi sono ancora più blu di come appaiono in fotografia, occhi che ti catturano e ti affascinano, occhi che ancora rispecchiano gli ideali per cui ha sempre combattuto e per cui ancora continua a combattere.

Le ore scorrono veloci, mentre parliamo di  poesia, di arte e di politica, mentre  racconta del suo amore mai sopito per l’Italia, per quell’Italia da cui era partito suo padre Carlo, giovane emigrante bresciano, nel 1894.


Ci lasciamo con un suo messaggio di saluto e di affetto per Torino, città che ha avuto modo di visitare due volte e che è rimasta impressa nei suoi ricordi.

Gli stringo forte la mano, sapendo che questo incontro non potrà non lasciare un segno e che entrerà a far parte di quei momenti magici, unici e irripetibili della mia vita.


Lidia Chiarelli 

(Movimento artistico letterario Immagine & Poesia)



Mood at Noon (Anthology) - Romania, 2013


"Mood at Noon - Stare la ora amiezii"   Anthology - Antologie


Poems by Lidia Chiarelli, Maria Bennet, Rebecca Cook, Mia Barkan Clarke, Cassian Maria Spiridon


English Version: Olimpia Iacob and Jim Kacian


TIMPUL, 2013



Shabdaguchha - Bilingual (Bengali/English) Poetry Journal - USA - 2013

The poems "Times Square" and "City Lights Bookstore - for Lawrence Ferlinghetti" are published in the Literary Journal edited by Hassanal Abdullah, NY - USA

Shabdaguchha - July - Dec. 2013

Issue 16 No. 1/2




The Seventh Quarry, Wales UK

Several poems by Lidia Chiarelli are published in different issues of "The Seventh Quarry" - Swansea Poetry Magazine edited by Peter Thabit Jones, Swansea, Wales UK


*''The Seventh Quarry'' Issue 11, Winter 2009, Swansea Poetry Magazine

*''The Seventh Quarry'' Issue 12, Summer 2010, Swansea Poetry Magazine

*''The Seventh Quarry'' Issue 13, Winter 2011, Swansea Poetry Magazine

*''The Seventh Quarry'' Issue 14, Summer 2011, Swansea Poetry Magazine

*''The Seventh Quarry'' Issue 15, Winter 2012, Swansea Poetry Magazine

*''The Seventh Quarry'' Issue 16, Summer 2012, Swansea Poetry Magazine

*''The Seventh Quarry'' Issue 17, Winter 2013, Swansea Poetry Magazine

*"The Seventh Quarry" Issue 19, Winter/Spring 2014, Swansea Poetry Magazine

*''The Seventh Quarry" Issue 20, Summer/Autumn 2014, Swansea Poetry Magazine         (Interview)

 *"The Seventh Quarry" Issue 21, Winter/Spring 2015, Swansea Poetry Magazine

*"The Seventh Quarry" Issue 22, Summer/Autumn 2015, Swansea Poetry Magazine

*"The Seventh Quarry" Issue 23, Winter/Spring 2016, Swansea Poetry Magazine

"The Seventh Quarry" Issue 25, Winter/Spring 2017, Swansea Poetry Magazine



E Book: Immagine & Poesia - 2014

''Immagine & Poesia Around the World'' edited by Huguette Bertrand, Immagine & Poesia Publisher, Québec Canada 2014 Vol.1



The Light Singing - Lyrical Mosaic - Romania - 2014

HAIKUS by Lidia Chiarelli (page 21 and page 41)



Shabdaguchha - Bilingual (Bengali/English) Poetry Journal - USA 2014

  • Lidia Chiarelli at  page 47

The Colour of Saying - Anthology - USA / UK 2014

Lidia Chiarelli was appointed as  the official judge for the entries of Italian Poets to "The Colour of Saying - A Creative Writing Competition in Celebration of Dylan Thomas" USA / UK 2014


The anthology includes translations by Lidia Chiarelli of Dylan Thomas' and Aeronwy Thomas' poems.

Promotrice delle Belle Arti - catalogo - 2014

Catalog of the Exhibition ARTISTS' GLANCES - ONLY FOR YOUR EYES - paintings by Gianpiero Actis, poems and installation by Lidia Chiarelli (2014-2015) - The poem "LAND OF MAGIC" is published in the catalog


Korean Expatriate Literature 2015

Muddy River Poetry Review #12- Spring 2015


Sailing North


…and I sensed an infinite scream passing through nature

Edvard Munch


I will not sleep tonight

no, I will not sleep and I will look at

the slow tides caressing

the shores of  lonely fjords.


My eyes will get lost into

the fathomless void of the ocean

as the last rays of the sun

 turn off

 the crimson horizon

of a day

which wants to linger


and then

it will be the time


      when in an unknown silence


 I will listen to


                    your scream

Edvard Munch


echoing  loud and poignant


by the cold winds

of a northern night.


Lidia Chiarelli, Italy



Lidia Chiarelli was born and raised in Turin (Italy) where in 2007 she founded, with Aeronwy Thomas (daughter of Dylan Thomas) and four other artists, the artistic literary Movement: Immagine&Poesia.

Lidia’s passion for creative writing (started when she was a school teacher) has motivated her to write poetry and she became an award winning poet in 2011, 2012 and 2014. Her writing has been translated into English, French, Slovak, Czech, Norwegian and Romanian and published in Poetry Reviews, and on web-sites in Great Britain, in the U.S.A., in Italy and in Romania.



Prosopisia, A Venture of A.R.A.W.LII , INDIA 2015

A.R.A.W.LII, Vikas Printing Press, Ajmer- 305008 INDIA

VOL. VIII, n. 1  2015


Poems by Lidia Chiarelli at pages 32 and 33

WORLD POETRY YEAR BOOK 2014 - Date of Publication: May 2015

E Book 2015: Immagine & Poesia


Artists and Poets from 27 countries of the 5 continents are gathered here for the love of Beauty and Peace


''Immagine & Poesia Around the World'' edited by Huguette Bertrand, Immagine & Poesia Publisher, Québec Canada 2015 Vol.2


Albania 2015: ME ARTEKA

Syndic Literary Journal -   Syndic No. 13, July 2015  

Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield - USA


Installation artist, Lidia Chiarelli, along with Aeronwy Thomas,

founded the art-literary movement: Immagine & Poesia,

which promotes the integration of poetry and figurative art.

“Only For Your Eyes” is the installation – small artworks on branches –

compiled by Lidia Chiarelli for the exhibition “Artist Glances” 

at Promotrice delle Belle Arti in Torino Italy, December 2014 to January 2015

"Confesiuni n. 29" Romania - 2015 (Olimpia Iacob, translator)

KRYTYKA LITERACKA, Nr 4  2015 - Poland




Słowo na zimę: G.K. Chesterton, Budda


● Tomasz Marek Sobieraj, Stanley H. Barkan UJRZEĆ ŚWIAT W ZIARENKU PIASKU (rozmowa)

● Stanley H. Barkan WIERSZE

Lidia Chiarelli WIERSZE


● Andriej Bazilewskij WIERSZE

● Niels Hav WIERSZE

● Krzysztof Jurecki, Ireneusz Zjeżdżałka POBUDZIĆ WRAŻLIWOŚĆ (rozmowa)

● Sander de Vaan, Milagros López GDZIE KOŃCZY SIĘ RANA (rozmowa)

● Milagros López WIERSZE

● Tomasz Marek Sobieraj NASI OBCY (książka)

● Olga Lalič-Krowicka WIERSZE


● Tomasz Marek Sobieraj KADISZ DLA ADAMA (pamięci Adama Szypera)

Melidonium, 6 ianuarie 2016

Times Square

mai aprindeți-vă odată
lumini din Times Square.

Aprindeți-vă pentru mine
în ultima mea noapte la New York.

Aerul fierbinte pe străzi e o mantie diafană
care mă-nvăluie.

Ca giruetele în perenă rotire
nu vă opriți din dans.

Lăsați-mi ochii să se piardă
în al vostru
atât de dulce
și îmbătător.

Lidia Chiarelli Actis, Italia

Traducere:  Gabriela Căluțiu Sonnenberg

ITHACA 415 - January 2016

ITHACA 415, Times Square, Lidia Actis, I
Documento Adobe Acrobat 161.7 KB

Asian Signature, January 2016

IFLAC Anthology 2016





Haikus at page 163 - 164





Haiku For Peace



Don’t follow the steps

of insurgent barbarians

who obscure our dreams


Black flags envelop

an empty land of terror

echoes of death


Ceaseless cries of grief

rise high from the seething sea

the night drapes the sky



Second Prize

Lidia Chiarelli – Italy (Haiku 4)


Darkness will vanish.

Through the cobalt blue heaven

A new hope appears.



Peace will come again

in the enshrouding silence:

light on weary paths







First Prize Sanhita Sinha – India ( Haiku 2).

Second Prize

Lidia Chiarelli – Italy (Haiku 4)

Poem for Peace at page 111


Federico Garcia Lorca in one of his poems wrote


“Poesía es lo imposible

          hecho posible…”


now I think that Professor Ada Aharoni with the publication of the IFLAC Anti-terror and Peace Anthology has achieved this wonderful result: what seemed impossibile has become possible.

She has drawn cultures together and peoples of different ethnicities have cooperated on literary and artistic levels with mutual respect and appreciation.

Poems, but also haikus, articles, short stories, interviews and art lead us on the road of Peace and give us the hope that we will overcome terrorism.

It is a real honor to be part of this book which has been edited with a very high level of literary expertise.

Thanks to Ada Aharoni and Vijay Kumar Roy for their commitment to a better world.


Lidia Chiarelli, Italy


June 20, 2016

WORLD POETRY YEAR BOOK 2015 - Date of Publication: 2016

Painting and Poetry by André Schreuder - 2016

Haiku "La Signora di Torino" - page 39


Fluorescent lines in :

La Signora di Torino"

Enlighten our day


Lidia Chiarelli

Poetry Journal In Print. – Bao Giay, number 3 – 2017

Poetry Journal In Print. – Bao Giay, number 3 – 2017
The new Poetry Journal In Print. – Bao Giay, number 3 – 2017. This new bilingual poetry journal is being developed by volunteers in both the US and Vietnam. Please, feel free to share our poetry journal with others, especially with other poets.
Poetry Journal_3---.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat 460.9 KB


Lidia Chiarelli's poem AN EVENING SKY - pages 62-63
KEL #21 해외문학 21호 종합.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat 4.2 MB
KEL #21 COVER.pdf 12-20-16.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat 90.9 KB